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What dice should I be rolling when making a panic check?


2d10 as per the PSG. I am not aware of the new rules, however, and do not plan on updating this splat anytime soon, I've kinda moved on from mothership to pastures new.

Got it.

I bought a physical copy from TKG. If I buy a download, would you put up a community copy?

heck it's been a while i'll put up 10 of em', why not

fantastic. thanks for the great module!




Love to see mechanics like this added to games! I homebrewed a similar rule set for Scum and Villainy some years ago when I was dealing with intense PTSD and the existing stress/trauma rules were too much for me. Keep up the good work!


that means a lot, being seen by someone with similar experiences <3

if you like this and got the bundle for trans rights, check out my main game, fears & fathoms, it's in the same philosophical vein <3