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The Mirrors have Eyes

We gave eyes to our windows and unknowable mouths with which to speak, and we forgot to pay attention to those listening. Wars are waged in lines of code binding spells so mundane and so pernicious that we all seem to forget we're channelling the god's lightning into crystals to make titans of steel obey our every whim. 

There is magic in technology. Just because we understand how it works doesn't mean it loses power over us, and we understand far less than we know. These unseen gods were simply biding their time, sleeping just beyond the horizon of thought, in this untapped realm of zeroes and ones that humans have just barely begun to understand.  

We think we created it, but that doesn't explain the things lying in wait in this new realm, where skin and chrome mesh, where code and soul form a tangled web of possibilities all wild and terrifying. 

I've seen them all, newbie, and I know why you came to me. Now come in, don't just stand alone in the rain. You have questions. I have answers.

Cyberpunks for Esoteric Enterprises

Watch your backs, criminal scum, the underground is chroming up! 

The following book is a supplement for Emily Allen's Esoteric Enterprises, featuring:

  • expanded computer rules
  • 13 shady softwares for your hackers
  • 5 types of customisable drones
  • 4 new grimoires
  • 11 new technomancer spells
  • 5 new spook powers
  • 2 new spook types
  • 1 new prestige class
  • 7 new factions
  • 14 new NPCs and critters
  • 11 weird artefacts of Dero perfectly mundane origin

With writing, layout and art by Wendy Ribston Pippin

Some art based on photography by Alexander Krivitz, Andre Benz, Camille Guigueno, Cyrus Lopes, Markus Spiske and Tamara Gak

Additional art by Roque Romero, specifically through the delightful Weird Horror Art Pack 2

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