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Content warnings: mentions of fetish, sex, drug use, violence and body horror


Welcome to a world of Hurt

I had no choice. Stop looking at me. My skin is no longer my own, my arms move with need and hunger. We have a duty to perform, me and my flesh of shimmering chrome

In a City of neon lights and shimmering pools of acid rain, the world ends a little each day. Hunger and sickness walk the streets like the ripper in the tales of old, taking those that the system casts aside. 

There is a way out. When you've got nothing else, you can always mortgage your body. The corpos have use for an object's flesh, for those they can augment without having to care for those pesky regulations. They're just playing with dolls really.

Dolls that they send on the jobs you can't actually send your employees on. They're not comitting crimes, just making creative use of their property.

That's what you are now. Their property. Maybe, with time, you can be something else entirely.

Queer Cyberpunk Roleplaying

This is a tabletop role playing game meant to be played with two to six players (or more!) which focuses on the lives and times of augmented cyberpunks surviving on the edge.

Using pools of d6s, the dolls will sneak, schmooze and fight their way through corporate compounds and grimy streets overlayed with a mysterious and haunted datastream. The system focuses on creative problem solving and harsh but fair tactical combat, inspired by games like Shadowrun and Era of Silence, with a streamlined approach to damage.

Blood will flow, 'ware will glitch, and drugs will fill your mind with sparkles. Welcome to the City.


Writing, Design, Layout & Cover Art: Wendy Ribston Pippin

Art & Cover Background: Roque Romero

Explorer Design by Clayton Notestine

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
TagsCreepy, Cyberpunk, Horror, Queer, Transgender, Tabletop role-playing game


Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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its ssosodosdosidosd sososooooo good and excellent.

thank you!


This looks super cool! Is there going to be a print version?

I sure hope so! I'm looking into it, hopefully enough people are enticed by it :3


This hits a very particular set of genres, conventions and needs for me. I'm looking forward to finding the right group to run and play this with. It's VERY good.

I'm so very glad you like it <3


Stop wishing for your perfect cyberpunk game, cowards.

It's right here.

Awww thank you <3