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look i really want you guys to be able to enjoy my games, so i added a bunch of free copies, and if the game does really well i'll add more!


fears and fathoms - singles.pdf 71 MB
Apr 05, 2021
fears and fathoms - spreads.pdf 71 MB
Apr 05, 2021
fears and fathoms sheet.pdf 506 kB
Apr 05, 2021

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What is the principal resolution mechanic? Are there character advancement options? Does this game play for one-shots or can it be used for protracted campaigns? What other resources are contained within this book? I am intrigued, but the free preview does not give very much information. It's a $15 PDF, so I am hesitant to purchase based on so little game information. Is there a YouTube actual play video? Or a playtest document? Somewhere we can learn more about the actual game? Thank you.

Hi again, I have answered your email, and will update the game page to reflect your interrogations. Thanks for reaching out.